Alla Pala Margherita

Donna Italia's Alla Pala pizza, inspired by the Roman-style tradition and named after the rectangular "pala" paddle, embodies the essence of traditional Roman cuisine.

The Alla Pala Margherita delivers a mouthwatering experience with its perfectly balanced crust—crispy outside, airy inside—harmonized with tangy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, and a hint of olive oil.

Donna Italia's Alla Pala products maintain prolonged freshness due to high water content, allowing pre-baking flexibility. Lighter and easier to digest, they feature all-natural ingredients, higher hydration, and an extended fermentation process. The size variety makes Alla Pala pizza ideal for slices at events, concessions, and gourmet delicatessens.

  • Hand stretched
  • Made in Italy
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